Two Languages International students from Scott’s intermediate class share their experiences of making friends from around the world:

About my friends

When I came to Language International school, I didn’t know anything. I couldn’t see my Korean friends, and I couldn’t speak English as well. Actually, I hadn’t met foreigners before. I just met English teacher in Korea. Even first my class doesn’t have Korean for 5 weeks. But it was good for my English. I should speak English until break time. At that time, my class was a new class. Everyone started school on the same day. Nobody had friends, so we could make friends easily.

First when I came to New Zealand, I was so bored and lonely. I wanted to go back to Korea. But after I made friends, I really like here. Now I have many friends. Someone can wonder how can I make foreign friends. Actually English skill is not important to make friends. My English is also bad. But now I live with my foreign friends. Some other friends said me and my flat mate “Family” I think we are good friends and good family too. I don’t think I’m lonely anymore.

– Dami

Friends I made from different countries

My name is Yu Chi,came from Taiwan. I’ve been here about four weeks. It’s easier to make friends who came from the same country, but I am trying to make some friends from different countries.

It was very unlucky that my first day at school was a labor holiday, and definitely nobody there. When I felt helpless and didn’t know what to do, I saw another new student just stand there. He looked a little bit nervous just like me. So maybe it was fortunate that we all didn’t know today was a holiday. Therefore, he was my first friend here. His name is Antonio. He’s Spanish.

He is a very friendly person,and likes to make friends from everywhere. He taught me a lot of things about his country and culture. Sometimes, he shared his Spanish food with us, enjoyed our lunch time together. As a result, known how to cook some Spanish food,and if you want to join their dinner, the better time is after 8 pm.

Now, have some friends here, and definitely they were from different countries. It’s not only a good way to meet different people here, but also you can learn their cultures and languages. Finally, the best thing is you will have friends all over the world.

– YuChi