Three Languages International students from Scott’s intermediate class write about student social life in Auckland:

Hey Dear,

We would like to tell you something about the social life in Auckland and the Language International school. Tatiana from Russia, 25 years old will give you some information about the social life in our free time, Jason from Taiwan, 25 years old can tell you something about the social life in the school and Regina from Switzerland, 22 years old will give you some impressions about the social life in the streets.

Social Life in the free time:

Studying in New Zealand is not only an opportunity to get high quality education, but also a unique chance to see and estimate the beauty and richness of this small country.

The students have loads of attractive alternatives spending their free time, because our school works together with Kiwiana Tour providing students exciting activities in Auckland and around New Zealand. There is so much choice allows each student to take the most interesting excursion.
For adventurous people will be incredibly interesting to take a walk around the peak of the famous Sky Tower, feel the thrill of bungee jumping and white-water or black water rafting.

If you are a calm person you can go to famous historical places, museums or art galleries where you will learn about ancient culture of Maori. Also you can rent a car and enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of fantastic beaches and waterfalls which surround New Zealand.

However, the social program is not just one chance, anytime you can easily go out with friends because there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars, cinemas, night clubs there.

– Tatiana

Social Life in the School:

Language International is a nice and beautiful language school. We have 5 buildings in Albert Park of the city center. We have a quiet and comfortable environment to learn English especially the “Learning Centre”. We could learn about the listening, reading, speaking and the writing by PC, DVD, CD and books. Also I study or do homework with my friends in there. And I can borrow books to read at home from learning centre. When I have some free time, I would like to have some drinks and chat with my friends in “Student Canteen” and many students eat lunch there.

Our school has many students from different countries. We are from Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Russia, Taiwan, and Thailand…etc. and we have “Social Program” everyday. If you want have some socials after school, you can join that or ask Regina & Tatiana.

– Jason

The social life in the streets:

The social lilfe in the streets is really “easy going”. The people here are open and kind. When you’re going out, it’s so easy to find a good conversation.
But as swissmate you shouldn’t say anything about Alinghi. Actually they’re not really keen on our won of the Americas Cup. This conversation could be a little bit more aggressive :-).

The most confusing thing for me was, the Kiwis ask you everywhere “How are you?”. It doesn’t matter how or where you are. Always this question! That’s quite nice but everyone ask you and first I didn’t know what I should answer. Should I tell them my real feelings or aren’t they interesting in me? Or should I just say anything? I think the most polite way is to say “I’m fine, thanks” and than you can replay the question. It’s a friendly way to say “hello”.

I think the most important thing for you is; be open too and don’t be shy. The Kiwis don’t care when your English isn’t so perfect. But some Kiwi slang is good to know:
sweet as: Chill out, take it easy, anything goes
bro: short form from brother and means, hey friend, mate
primo: fantastic, awesome, sounds great
cheers: is like, Thanks see you
Kia Ora: Maori greeting, means hello

Enjoy your time here!

– Regina