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It is said that what really matters is the impression left.

For sure Languages International has left a very positive and strong impression on me, as it is hard to believe it’s been more than 3 years – almost 4 – since that cold morning in June 2015 when I stepped at Languages International for the very first time.

Tai post-Advanced English course New ZealandThe first impressions of it all couldn’t have been better. It looked very promising, and it delivered. When the classes started, not only were my expectations met, but they were also exceeded. My first teacher was Paul, and how fortunate I was. Such a generous and kind person, but at the same time challenging and intense. Just as captivating was Simon T., with the hard task of teaching the dry topic of grammar, and how successful he was, turning it into something compelling and interesting.

What to say about my classmates? With time people come and go – new people arriving every week, good friends departing every week. Some of them left school and New Zealand but stayed in my life. Some of the best friends I have ever made in my life were from the time when I attended LI, becoming friends for life.

Cambridge CPE classAt some point, I was given the challenge, advised and supported very much by my teachers: take the Cambridge Proficiency Exam. It was 3 months of preparation, a lot of blood and sweat, brilliant classmates, challenging and encouraging teachers – as intense as it could be. With a lot of effort and assistance, from classmates and tutors, today I am the proud holder of a CPE certificate.

Pauline's English classAll that because of the thriving environment which is offered by Languages International, in which people are encouraged to learn with and from each other. Not only do students learn from teachers, but also from students in the same class, different classes and different levels. People always have something to offer, and that belief in what people are capable of is something which pulsates within Languages International’s walls. Lessons were not only English language related – which it goes without saying this establishment excels at – but also life lessons.

I am more than grateful for having had the opportunity to spend almost 7 months studying in regular and very focused classes, meeting different people coming from various backgrounds and taking part in one of the best academic experiences I have ever had.

It truly was a life-changing experience for me.

Long live LI!

Tai Agnoletto, Brazil

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