Three students from Scott’s intermediate class share their experiences of being a new student at Languages International:


Hello our school new students. I’m jack from Korea. I’m going to tell you about our school social programme. When you feel a bit nervous and alone at first time, I’d like to recommend you to join our school social programme. Our school has a special activity programme. We call it ‘the social programme’. You are able to join our school social programme every weekday and on weekends. It has lots of activities. For example, going to the pub, watching a movie, having a party, going to the beach etc.

Lots of students like to join the social programme, so you are able to meet our school mates on the social programme. Our school teachers also go to social programme. I think it is a good chance to make a strong relationship with our school mates. If you want to join the social programme, you must go to reception and book the social programme.

I know you’re a lucky person because you’re a student at our school, which is the best school in Auckland. New students !!! Don’t worry about anything. Just open your mind and enjoy your school life. Good luck for you and I wish everything would be a success. Thanks !!!


Hi everybody! My name is Farah. I’m an 18-year-old French student from New Caledonia. I would like to tell you how your first day in Languages international will be. It could be summed up in one sentence: “Don’t worry be happy!!!”

In fact, on the first day you are not alone; you are with others new students, and it’s your first opportunity to make new friends.

In the morning, teachers explain our school system to you, and you do a test (writing test in the computer and oral test with a teacher). Don’t worry about this test: it’s not an exam or a degree!!^^. It’s only to know your level.

After the test, you have your lunch time.

In the afternoon, a student advisor who can speak your language gives you precious information about Auckland like public transports, he or she gives you too a map and the most important thing your student ID. With this you can have discount in several shops and attractions, and on this card you can find an emergency number in case you have a problem: so your student advisor will become your translator.

After these “formalities” you visit the Learning Centre where you can find of course teachers who can help you, and all supports to study English too like DVD, books, audio books, newspaper, audio books, and teachers’ books.

After visiting all buildings, the student advisor shows you where you can open a bank account, where you can eat at lunch time around the school, where you can send your postcards…
After visiting the area you are free and your first day of courses will begin the next morning.
In conclusion I would like to say don’t forget this sentence during all your stay abroad … “Don’t worry be happy!!!”


The first day in school, you will attend the orientation. They’ll introduce our school surrounding、equipment、cafeteria、reception and courses. Also, on the same day, you have a placement test. Don’t worry about it. The test just shows what your level is. Through the test, you will be arranged to the class which is suitable for you.

For instance, my morning class teacher, Scott, he is a very good teacher. When I don’t realize the meaning or grammar, he always use other sentence or vocabulary to explain to me. Also, you can learn day life words or phrase different from the textbook. In addition, you have a lot of chance to practice your speaking in class by the conversation with your classmates. Not just routine teaching, you can learn English well from the happy atmosphere.

Different the morning class, my afternoon class is IELTS course. The IELTS course provide generally English and academic materials about reading and writing. You can learn it step by step. About the speaking , teacher will give you the similar topic to practice with other students . Also you can learn how is best way to answer and where you have to aware. The skill you learn from the IELTS course can be helpful and useful. If you want to improve your English or you intention to take part in the IELTS exam, come to join it.

Our school is near the Albert Park, a lot of the plants and trees around you. The best surrounding for you and the best teachers and students from different countries can help you. How can you refuse it. Just be a happy new student and enjoy your school life.