The Languages International TESOL is a four-week course for non-native speakers who want to have teaching experience. These courses include input seminars on language teaching methodology, observation of experienced teachers, peer teaching and language development at a higher level.

Are you thinking about doing the TESOL course? Here is some advice from some previous students. We hope that it’s useful.

“Welcome to the TESOL course. It’s a very interesting and helpful course if you want to improve your English, or want to be a teacher in the future. I hope you enjoy becoming an awesome teacher with this course.” – Eugene

“Even though it was only a four week course, I had so much fun, and it gave me more teaching abilities. Also, it was good to start early and finish early. There were good teachers, and good people in my class, which was lucky.” – Jenny

“Not only your teaching skills, you will also see an improvement in your English fluency.” – Sophie

“Hello to all of you who are currently reading this message. Being able to learn another language means that you are privileged. So learn hard, study hard and get your money’s worth! (laugh) Well, one word of advice: don’t miss out on class, and stay on time! (laugh)” – Mist

“The TESOL course will be good for you. I had no confidence at the beginning. After this course, I have more confidence. It is good for speaking.” – Hannah

“The lesson finishes at 1.10pm, so take some food and drink for the break time. Good luck!” – Julie

“Hi guys!!!!! I would like to say to you: “Don’t worry too much!”, “It’s not as difficult as you’re thinking!”, “Don’t be afraid, and enjoy this time with your classmates!”. Good luck with you and your course. Cheers.” – Chanhee

“You can get as much as you want from this course, to help you when you are going to be a teacher.” – Judith Han

“Prepare your assignments from the first day! Good luck.” – So Yeon

“It’ll be really helpful for you. But don’t forget about the TKT exam during the course. (smile)”
– Jiwon An

“People take the TESOL course for many reasons: not everyone wants to become an English teacher afterwards. Doing this course can give you practical experience of current teaching methodologies, and classroom ideas. People find that doing this course also helps them to become a better language learner: learning about teaching English helps with learning English.”
– Michael (TESOL teacher)

“Enjoy! You can do it. Your teacher can help you if you don’t know something! Don’t worry and enjoy all your life!! All’s well that ends well!” – Sandra

Story contributed by Michael’s TESOL class