If you want to improve your listening skills, go to the Learning Centre.
If you come to New Zealand, be careful about transport.
If you feel uncomfortable, tell your teacher.
If you live in a homestay, you are not allowed to smoke inside.
If you come in winter, you should bring warm clothes.
If you have a lot of money, you should keep it in a bank account.
If you live in a homestay, you should tell them when you are late.
If you love travelling, you should go to a travel agency.
If you don’t like instant coffee, bring it from home because the coffee in the machines is terrible!
If you travel in the weekends, make sure you don’t have a test on Monday because if you are tired you can’t get good marks.
If you travel in the weekends, it is easy to rent a car, but you need to take some pictures of the car. That way if you have an accident, you can prove that you didn’t do all of the damage.

Text by students from Clare’s Intermediate class at Languages International
Photo by Thomas Hawk