Three Languages International students from Scott’s intermediate class write about their experiences on a TIME Unlimited trip to a Marae on Waiheke Island.

Daniel Auer:

The first time I’ve heard about the Maori was at home, when I planed the trip to Aotearoa (New Zealand). The Maori came from Polynesia by Kayak to the Island and were the first settlers there. The Haka, a special war dance looks quite scary, but actually it is just a kind of culture to check out the meaning from the opposite. When James Cook and with him the Crone of England came to New Zealand, the Maori couldn’t as lives as before. The white human thought and sometime think as well, they are better then each other and the land is there own. Many wars happened and some places are absolutely religious since this time.

Last weekend, I was together with some other people in Waiheke Island to visit a Marae. The Maori came together in this place, to celebrate a wedding or to protect a people witch are in trouble. The traditional food called «Hangi » was delicious. We could also learn the « Haka » dance and other things, for the Maori absolutely important habits.

Ha GaYeon:

This weekend, I’m going to a Marae on Waiheke island! I heard Marae is the area of Maori people. I’ll learn Maori’s special way of greeting, their legend, dancing, food, song and their own life style. The most exciting thing is all tourists will sleep in one special historical place which has no rooms. I hope and I think, I could feel some special Maori spirit at there.

I’ve been to the Marae last weekend! It was awesome!! All food and Maori people were great! They were always so kind and warm. I met various nationality people and we did everything together and we every time laughed. First of all, We did Hongi (which is their special greeting that touch other’s nose by your nose) to all over 40 people!! painting Special Maori pattern on our own clothes, weaving some bracelet(or basket), peddling, making Maori bread(it was so simple and tasty!), dancing Haka (which is dance of war), making Hangi (which is very traditional food cooked by heat of the earth) etc. I also could feel Maori spirit when they prayed in Maori language, sang song and danced. Before something start, they always prayed and they really love to singing! Perhaps you might not feel enough from my writing. Just go and feel them!


Maori people are the first people in New Zealand. I think they came from Samoa or some other island.

Anyway I went to Waiheke Island. I had a good experience. I was really looking forward to go to there. They had a lot of different things. I made some nice T-shirts that have a Maori design. Maori people are so fashionable. And then I went paddling, that was a little bit hard for me but the view was beautiful.

At the time I learned a lot. For example the Maori language (Kiaora means “Hello”) and a traditional dance that’s called the Haka. The Haka was so fun to dance. It was brilliant, and we went to one special place that was a meeting house. Everybody slept in there together. Also I learned a special way of greeting. When Maori meet people,they touch each others noses. When I touched noses , I felt more close to them. The Maori food that they called Hangi was so delicious. They made a hole under the sand and put in some hot river stones. It was very interesting. I made a bracelet from leaves. It was so difficult and complicated. But the Maori people helped me.
They are kind and helpful. I learned a lot from the Maori people.