Languages International students from Bryony’s class share their new experiences in New Zealand:

One of my best experiences in New Zealand was visiting Hobbiton (Matamata), because I love the movie Lord of the Rings. I saw the beautiful landscapes in the tv. My girlfriend and I drove with Kiwiana Tours. We saw all the Hobbit holes included Bilbos home and the party tree of Hobbiton. I’ll never forget it.
We also went to Hot Water Beach near Coromandel. I loved digging my own holes at the beach. After the hard work we could relax swimming in our hot pool.

Last holiday, my family went to Rotorua. It’s five hours from Auckland. We rode small cars on the luge, went to a Maori village and watched the lions feeding at the zoo.
We went to a beautiful lake near Rotorua and swam in the Polynesian spa. After that we went rafting. It was a lovely day.

My great experience is to meet other country friends in New Zealand. They are very kind, friendly and funny. If they leave here, I’ll miss them. Probably, when I finish school I’ll start to travel in New Zealand and other countries. In the future I hope to meet them in their country.

I have an international driver’s license but it’s valid for just one year. So I have to take a test in NZ. I’m scared because the driver’s side of the car in NZ is different from Korea.
I practiced driving two weeks ago. My husband taught me. I drove very well and was good at roundabouts. Sometimes I enjoyed speeding up. I thought I was doing well, but accidentally I went reverse. It was terrible.
I must practice more. I mustn’t forget to drive on the left in NZ!!

I visited Waiheke Island by ferry and good view. I played sliding on the beach and swum. I like nature there and relaxing.
Student of L.I.:

I would like to talk about the PUB in Auckland. If you don’t like to drink alcohol, it’s not a problem! You can go with your friends to share a great moment of discussion and fun! You can discover a new culture, in Irish or Belgium pub for example! If you are alone, phone me, and I’ll arrive! Daniel:

One day I went to free market in TAKAPUNA. The market is crowded. Some people singing songs, some people playing guitar. This is my first time to walk around in NZ.

I went on a 4 day trip with friends. It was boring in the bus, but we saw many beautiful places with cows, horses and lambs. In Rotorua, we visited the lake, the museum, the geysers… and had a ‘polynesian spa’. In Taupo I went skydiving. It was as if I was with angels but it was very cold 15,000 feet. If I could, I will repeat yet without hesitation. In Waitomo we visited some caves and German rabbits. It was so coool!!! It was an unforgettable experience!!!