My name is Ali. I am from Saudi Arabia. Before I came to New Zealand, I read and heard about this country from some friends who visited it. They said it’s a beautiful country, and the people are lovely. And the kiwi bird lives only here! I was surprised that the population of New Zealand is 4 million people, while the number of sheep and cows is more than 70 million.

I chose New Zealand to learn English, because in my opinion, it’s better for learning than other countries, such as Australia, Canada and America.

The most memorable experience I had in New Zealand is seeing the iceberg. It was the first time in my life, before that I had only seen snow on television.

I haven’t traveled to all the cities in New Zealand yet. I am living in Auckland and I have been to Rotorua and Taupo. There are many activities and tourist sites and a beautiful landscape there! I really liked the Maori village.

I am planning to travel to other cities of this beautiful country, where I will have guided tours to see the beautiful features of the country.

Ali is a Lower-Intermediate students at Languages International