(Photo credit: Ruben Bos – Wild Dolphins in the Bay of Islands)

There are so many awesome places where you can travel in NZ. I’ve been to the Bay of Islands, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, Waiheke Island and Rangitoto Island in the North Island. And I spent 2 weeks holidays travelling around the South Island in the Christmas season. Every place has breathtaking views and its own attraction.

During the several trip, there were some unexpected happenings. The GPS we hired at a rental car vendor was out of order on the way to Rotorua. My friends and I were so embarrassed at that time and lost our way quickly because it was our first trip in NZ and we weren’t familiar with the road at all. Fortunately, a friendly kiwi stopped her car in front of us and helped us find the right way.
Also, I had a similar experience in the South Island. One of the electric bicycles that we hired in Grey Mouth got out of order during the bicycle hike. It was a little bit of a dangerous situation. My friend almost came near to a car accident because of the sudden problem of her bicycle’s device while riding a bike. Some of our members were already tired and we were too far from the rental shop to take it back there on foot. Fortunately again, I met a kind farmer near the spot, borrowed a screw driver, and could fix the bike.

I don’t know why the hired things can be broken so easily in NZ. But anyway, I could solve the problems thanks to some friendly New Zealanders. Moreover, so happily, I could get the refund from the rental shops. Exciting experience.. and free cost.. Fantastic!

By Martin Lee, a student at Languages International