Two months ago I went on a trip to the South Island of New Zealand. I visited Christchurch and Queenstown . In Christchurch I went for a ride on a gondola. I saw a very beautiful view of the ocean and Canterbury plains. Also, in the distance, I could see some mountains. If you visit Christchurch , I recommend that you take a gondola ride as well.

In the second day I went to Queenstown , from Christchurch to Queenstown drove a car ,for 7 hours. It was really freezing. Surrounding the big mountains is a lake. It is so very beautiful. Also, I went for a ride on a gondola and drove luge. It was good because I could see all of Queenstown and I`m interested in driving luge. I heard that Queenstown has a lot of activities. For example sky diving, snow boading , bungy jumping , etc. so I would recommend you try sky diving. Maybe you will feel amazed and fantastic. I am sure you will have a lot of fun.

Story contributed by So Young Park (Annie), a student at Languages International Auckland