I arrived in NZ 5 weeks ago , I haven’t been on lots of trips, yet! But, I’ve been to Mission Bay and Corn-Wall Park. Mission Bay has an extremely good ocean view and clear water. I think It’s really worth visiting!! Also, there are many nice restaurants. I had a glass of beer. That was very soft and delicious. You can choose various foods and drinks. And then, Corn-wall Park was also good choice! Because, I could see lots of sheep and then took a picture with them. On top of hill, I saw a complete Auckland’s view, it was soft wind and light. I felt so good!!! The most important thing is my next trip. I’m going to Rotorua with my friends , next weekend. I heard Rotorua is absolutely amazing area. We can do many extreme sports and take a hot spa. I love them, so I’m looking forward to taking a trip. I will stay in NZ for 6 months. While I stay here, I want to travel, many times. It’s getting warm, I like spring and summer. That is good season to travel. And, when I am travelling, I will study about travelling skills in ENGLISH, but I don’t have international driver’s license, so I have to go to travel with friends. Otherwise, I must take a bus or train. That’s a only problem. There’s no another one.

Story contributed by Joanna from Scott’s class at Languages International Auckland.