My trip to Waiheke was very cheap, I used just $60 for the whole day. I was with a friend there and I recommend to go there alone or with not too many people. At 8 am drove the ferry and at 8.30am we arrived in Waiheke. It’s easy to travel with the bus there, but I think it’s to expensive. We took the bus to Palm Beach, it’s a very beautiful beach with few tourists. Then we walked a track to Onetangi Beach. It was a 2h walk, but very interesting. You could see a lot of sheep and really strange houses. It was quiet and you have a really good view. By Onetangi Beach ( a big beach) can you eat a good lunch, if you want I recommend bring own food for picnic.

After our lunch we tried to hitchhike and the first car already stopped. The driver was very friendly he showed us the cheapest and the best Vineyard, really fantastic. After 10 tastes ($10) we preferred to chance the place to Mt. Maungahui( highest point from Waiheke) and visited some other Vineyards. It was a really nice day and also the gorgeous nature is well worth seeing.

Story contributed by Mirjam Mueller, a student at Languages International Auckland