We are practicing participle clauses in HD’s advanced class, and we have written this article about our first experience in New Zealand.

When I arrived in Auckland, my aunt picked me up at the airport. The season in New Zealand was completely different to where I come from, so the weather was the opposite way around. I hadn’t been here before, so I didn’t know anything about the culture and the climate.

Feeling a bit homesick but still excited, I went exploring the city. Feeling like a child going to school on her first day, I was stressed and nervous about meeting my new teachers and classmates. I met lots of different nationalities which I had never done before. If I hadn’t come to New Zealand I wouldn’t have made friends from different cultures.

On a bright sunny day I went with my new friends to Rangitoto Island and it was the first time I have ever walked on lava. Even though I felt a little bit sea sick when I was on the ferry I enjoyed watching Auckland from the sea.

On the other hand, my previous language school was shut down by NZQA, because they had sold some fake certificates to international students. Having been told by my travel agency that this was an exceptional language school in New Zealand, I chose Languages International, which is the first language school here and has thirty years of experience teaching students.

I’m enjoying my time at this school, and when I’ve finished this English course I’m going to travel around New Zealand.

                                                                                                                  Si Yuan Zhong & Anna Bergman


My first experience in Languages International school

When I arrived in New Zealand by plane, the weather was extremely awful. It was raining heavily and I wasn’t used to winter temperatures, because it had been an awesome summer in my country. Having been picked up by the special school service, I was driven to the host family. I was relieved to finally arrive at my new home, because I hadn’t slept for a long time due to an extraordinarily exhausting flight.

Having had a refreshing sleep, I had a delicious breakfast with my host family. The first several days I was shocked because of the cold room temperature, which is not a problem for me now anymore. Apart from the cold, the atmosphere in the family was immensely welcoming.

The first day at school was overwhelming because we were given so much information on the school system, but as soon as I made friends with other students, I relaxed and settled in.

Having now spent two weeks in school, I appreciate how well-prepared, diversified and incredibly useful the lessons are.

Denis and Michaela

When I arrived at Auckland airport, there was someone waiting for me at the gate with a piece of paper with my name on it. Having arrived safely on the other side of the world, I was very thankful there was someone to pick me up in this new foreign country. I was driven to my host-family, where I got a wonderfully warm welcome.
Feeling very excited but also a little bit nervous, I was shown around the school the next day. To my surprise, I found there were students from all over the world. I was so pleased to see all those different cultures and nationalities in one school. The next morning I had to catch the bus to school on my own. That turned out to be a difficult task; the public transport system in NZ isn’t easy to understand. Fortunately I have mastered the system now and won’t get in the wrong bus anymore!
The first couple of days I felt excited because of all the new impressions. However, I quickly made a lot of friends who I explored the city with. Sometimes we go on trips on the weekends or go out in the city centre. The school also provides a social programme, which gives you a chance to see Auckland and its surroundings with your peers.
All together, it’s an amazing experience. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!
Nine and Fatema


My first Week in Auckland
I arrived in New Zealand on a bright sunny day. Having been given a map and address of my homestay, I took the bus heading to Britomart from the airport. By the time I arrived there, I had figured out which bus serves the area where I have been living ever since.  My room had been cleaned and repainted, which made me feel warmly welcomed in the well organised household. Before I could even unpack my suitcase, I had been shown around Auckland by my homestay mother. The sky tower is visible from anywhere in the city, which made me wonder how amazing the view up there must be, and it is indeed breathtaking as I experienced some weeks later.
Having completed an entry test on the following day, I was put into HD’s advanced class. There is great variety of different nationalities in this class. Not only does this give us lots of interesting topics to speak about, but it also forces us to speak English out of school.
The school has always provided various weekly social programme events, which aim to increase conversation exchange opportunities. Having always been interested in exploring new places to go out, I joined a pub crawl the other week, organised by James, the teacher responsible for social activities. That’s an easy way to get in contact with many other students. If I hadn’t done this, I wouldn’t have made so many friends, with whom I’m going to travel to the South Island after finishing at the language school.
Being in HD’s class, we were given the opportunity to practice using participle clauses in a piece of writing, and that’s what we have done here.
Grace & Roland