Written by: by Sunny & Mel, students at Languages International
Photo: Blackbird Review by Abizern

A review should…
– use interesting vocabulary.
– try to catch the reader’s interest.
– be clearly organised.
– use a neutral style, but you have to check who you are writing the review

What should you do before you start review writing…
– be sure about what you are reviewing and its purpose
– check who will read it.
– decide what style you will use for your review.
– be careful not to follow a report style.

Useful language
1. introduction: say what you are reviewing.
– The (film, book…etc) I would like to review is…..
– The last Film I saw / book I read was…….
2. explain: give details of what you reviewing.
– It’s set in……….
– The story is based on (a book..) …..
– It’s about…..
– There are many memorable characters including ….
– The main theme of the film is…..
– What the film is saying is…..
3. opinion: give your own opinion of what you are reviewing.
– I would recommend this film to anyone.
– Although I enjoyed it, I would not recommend it for….
– It’s one of the best (shows) I’ve ever seen.
– Although I am not normally keen on (musicals), I am glad
that I decided to go.
– The (film) lifts you out of your everyday life.

– DO say what it is about, but not in too much detail.
– DO remember to mention important or memorable characters,
but DON`T spend too much time just describing them.
– DO try to use a range of interesting vocabulary to bring
the film to life for the reader.
– DO remember to link ideas clearly, and to link paragraphs
– DO remember to give your opinion clearly, as this is the
purpose of a review, but not until the end.