I just love watching dance films. That’s why my absolute favourite film is ‘Street Style’, also known as ‘You got served‘!

The plot centres on a dance crew who are doing battles on the street. The crew are well-known in their city and most people like to go to the competitions they do as well as they love to celebrate their wins because the crew is always winning until the crew of the bad guy Kris appear in the city…

There is a lot of excellent choreography in this film. The story in general is very gripping. They show the hard life of kids and teenagers in the streets of the USA. Besides dancing professional, the soundtrack is perfect if you love listening to Hip Hop.

I have already seen this film around 15 times and I just enjoy it everytime more, even if I’m absolutely not a person who watches films more then once. It is well worth seeing if you are a fan of dance films.

Review contributed by Laurie Guidobono. Laurie is an FCE student at Languages International