I recently watched “The Lord of the rings”, a fantasy movie written by JR.Talkin. There are some excellent performances from the leading actors. Elja Wood who is one of the main actors won an “Oscar” for the best performance in “Hooligans” last year.
It’s set in New Zealand and is the story of a battle between good and evil. Frodo, a normal hobbit, must destroy a dangerous ring. When Frodo takes on the ring, he becames a slave of the ring. The story is made complicated because Frodo must make a perilous journey to another place of the world
Go and see this film. You won’t be disappointed. As I watched the movie I was amazed by the special effects. In all the scenes I couldn’t distinguish between what was real and what was fantasy. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. Especially the snowcaped mountains and wide green fields were impressive to watch
To sum up, I enjoyed this adventure story owing to the amazing animated battles between different species and the excellent pictures of New Zealand’s scenery. I can wholeheartedly recommend this film to almost anybody.
by Ueli, Young from Languages International‘s FCE class