In Auckland there are lots of international restaurants: Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Italian etc. I’ve tried to visit all kinds of restaurants to have new experiences and help me enjoy living in Auckland more.

When I miss my family and friends, however, I usually visit a Korean restaurant. Not only to have a Korean meal, but also to feel comfortable in Korean surroundings. There are many Korean restaurants and all of them try to provide the best service possible. When my friends ask me which place I recommend I always suggest they go to ‘Bongane’ and most of them enjoy it there.

My Japanese friend likes ‘bulgogi’ and ‘nangmeon’. According to her it’s not too spicy so she can enjoy it. My Chinese friend likes ‘ddokbokki’, which she said is the most delicious food in Auckland. But in my case I prefer to have ‘dongtaetang’ because it tastes like my mum’s cooking. It’s a bit hot but really cool. If English had the same expressions as Korean I could let you know what it tastes like exactly, but it doesn’t. Therefore, my suggestion is that you go to Bongane and try it! Then you will understand what I want to say.

By Calla (Mi hee Kim) a student at Languages International Auckland