Written by: By Min, a student at Languages International

Photo by: the trial

Type of article
– informal to neutral
* It depends on what magazine it is for (ex : young people magazine : more informal, business/travel magazine : more neutral)
* Do not use formal expressions (ex : Besides, moreover, likewise.. /I would like to give an opposite idea..)

Basic advice
– It should be interesting and catch the reader’s attention.
– Do not just copy sentence from the task.
– Use informal language to involve the reader (ex : Once Carnival starts, the whole town goes crazy!)
– Don’t forget to express your opinion (ex : I love the giant street dolls.)

1. Heading : think of an interesting title.
2. Introductory paragraph linked to the title : to make the reader interested in the topic, try to use a question.
3. One or two more paragraphs : develop your main points.
4. A final paragraph : summarise the main points and give your concluding opinion or express your feelings.

Useful language:

Involving the reader
1. Are you thinking of (getting married in the near future)?
2. I’m sure you’ll agree (it was a great idea.)

Developing your points
1 . Let’s start with (why it is so important to take plenty of exercise).
2. Another advantage (of using a computer is that..)
3. On top of that,…

Giving your own opinion
1. I think that/In my opinion (traditional celebrations are very important).
2. It seems to me that (people are much more aware of the importance of a good diet nowadays.)