Languages International has a Social Programme of after-school activities. It is an opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world and to practise your English. We have different activities each week, but the most popular ones are repeated several times a year.

One of these popular activities is making Lolly Cake. Lolly Cake is an easy, fun, and delicious cake that many New Zealanders make. A lot of mothers make this cake with their children as it is so much fun and requires no oven because it hardens in the fridge overnight.

So, when you come to study English in New Zealand at Languages International, don’t miss the Lolly Cake Making Social Programme activity!

Here are some photos of our students making Lolly Cake at Languages International. They were taken by our student Victoria Smey.

What are some popular sweets that people like to make in your country? Tell us in the comments.

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