Because of the great weather, we decided to join the social programme and went sailing with approximately 15 other students, Simon T and Aaron.

Our captain was a really friendly, old man and had built his boat, called ‘The Southern Spirit”, himself. It was quite a big boat with a cosy cabin. You could just lie and relax on the deck or help the captain with the sails.

Some students took the helm for a while and it looked really cool. We put out to sea at 4.30pm and sailed across the harbor, along Rangitoto Island and dropped the anchor at Islington Bay in front of Motutapu Island. It was a lovely place to chill out, have a chat with your schoolmates and eat some sausages. Five brave people even went for a swim!

When everybody had eaten enough and had dried again, it was time to weigh anchor and go back to Auckland. Afterwards we had a drink at the ‘Traffic Bar’ to finish the wonderful day.

by Elise Rinzema, a student at Languages International