New Zealand is a small country in the Pacific Ocean, has some attractive places. One of this places is Auckland city, which is the largest city in New Zealand. Auckland is an attractive destination for people who want to learn English. The quality of education, the location of the city and the political situation will be discussed in this essay.

Firstly, Auckland has a lot of good English Language schools. Schools in Auckland give a high quality of education. Moreover, the prices of English Language courses are low compared to other native speakers countries like U.S.A, Canada, or Britain. In addition, there are famous schools in Auckland like Languages International for example.

Secondly, the beautiful location of Auckland is a big advantage for study. Auckland is a clean city and has nice views. Furthermore, it has long beaches. It is close to a lot of amazing places like Rotorua and Taupo for instance, where you can engage in some activities.
Finally, the New Zealand government has successful politics. Therefore, Auckland is safe and far from wars. The system gives opportunity to work and study too at the same time. The universities in Auckland accept international students to complete their studies if they get the required score in IELTS exam.

In conclusion, Auckland gives a lot of chances to get a good education at a cheap cost. The nature of New Zealand is one of the best nature in the world which could help students to relax after studying hard. The law in New Zealand is quite wise and is very flexible. Consequently, Auckland attracts a lot of English Language learners.

Written by EHAB BAKR A. TEJANI, an IELTS student at Languages International Auckland