Before i arrived in NZ, i was worried about the new situation.

Actually, i am the type of person who loves a challange, new circumstances, and having lots of experiences.

However, at this time i was worried about living in NZ. I think the reason why i felt worried was fright, burden about studying English.

The first day when i came here, my homestay mom said to me that i would live with one swiss girl, Sarah.

At that time, i didn’t know that Sarah and I would became good friends.

Before i met her, i had preconceptions about western people. Now, thanks to her i was able to remove them.

She is a half-Swiss and half-Tunisian, and we have much more in common than i thought before.

We have had a lot of time to talk each other, and now we are really good friends.

I promised her that i will go to her country for her wedding.

I hope i can go there to meet her, and stay in touch with her. 🙂

By Song Jeong, a student at Languages International