Hi we are John and Evgeny, who will tell you our latest trip and for me (John) the second trip to Rangitoto. Back to Rangitoto? Yes! You will think to yourself why on earth would he go to that volcano island twice… Yes… but we did it another way this time, which was the kayak method and this was heavy exercise!

Normally you do these trips during the day but we did it in the afternoon-we started at 4 pm and finished at 10 pm. A nice thing to tell you is that we saw the ship the Volendam of the Holland – America line on our way to Rangitoto. The Volendam passed within one hundred metres of us!

Normally, from the harbour side, the ship looks like an absolutely gigantic ship so when we saw it from or kayak we hadn’t any conception of how huge this ship was and thought only one thing: “I want to go away from here!”

When we arrived on the island we walked to the summit and we had a nice view with fresh, self-made coffee. After the coffee break we walked back to the kayaks where we arrived around 8.30pm and it began getting dark.

On our way to Rangitoto we had a small yellow flag on the kayak so that the other ships could seen us and on or way back we changed the flag into a light point which you can compare with a cycling light…

Anyway our guide had radio contact with the marine traffic control centre and that was fortunate because of half our way back it was completely dark on the sea.

So this was our story about the kayak trip and we can for sure recommend it you and I think it is one of the must things to do!

John and Evgeny (students at Languages International)