Each day several Fuller’s ferries make their way from Auckland’s main ferry terminal, so if you have an opportunity to catch one to Rangitoto Island… just don’t!!!

Because what Languages International can offer is a splendid opportunity to experience a Rangitoto Kayak Trip – a marvelous combination of a kayak trip and a walking tour up the youngest volcano in New Zealand (yes, sometimes “600 years” means “young”, you know).
For those who have never experienced kayaking it will become a trip full of bright feelings and magnificent emotions. Some of you may feel a bit nervous on a rough water, however it’s the safest trip one can think of – because all the time you are under the supervision of a true professional (Thank you, Martin, you are the best!!!)

While making your way up you will observe “All 4 Stages” (wanna know what that means? – go and book in the earliest Rangitoto Kayak). As the ascent becomes steeper it may also occur to you that it’s high time to reconsider your eating habits and plan you gym sessions – both being very necessary activities by the way! But when you finally make it to the very summit you will fully enjoy the stunning views of the harbour and city. Don’t forget to step inside the World War II fire command post – though old and decrepit, the place can give you the feeling of the link of times.

The whole trip takes roughly 4 to 5 hours to accomplish and does fit those who are fit themselves. But don’t get discouraged, do take your chance and you will surely have a tremendous time!

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By Evgeny Kapustin, a student at Languages International