On the first day at school I was at the Learning Centre. Tom (the Learning Center Manager) explained to us “new students” what we could do in the Learning Center (LC).

The LC has a lot of things to do to improve your English.There are some computers with programs to learn. For example, they have some programs for listening, speaking and reading. The students have their own password to use the computers. The school has a lot of computers so you can use them most of the time. The LC also has DVD’s that you can watch in school time. What school can you usually go to that you can do this at? 🙂 It’s a great idea to listen to the English language and maybe learn some new words. The LC has a big library with books. You can read these books in the LC or you can borrow them and read them at home. The books have different categories so you can choose the right one for your level.

The LC also has different magazines and newspapers to read. In the LC you can do your homework. When you have a problem there are always teachers there that can help you.

When I was there, I asked a teacher for conversation practice to improve my speaking. Every morning at 9:30 there is a little group of people who get a topic to talk about. It’s always funny and you meet some new students. For me, the LC is very helpful. I go every day because it’s silent there and I can do my homework.

After school we have some social programme activities, so I always do my homework late at night at home or the next morning in the LC.

By Sarah, a student at Languages International