Written by Ped, a student at Languages International

I would like to talk about the Learning Centre at Languages International. Before coming to study here, I was curious about this room because many people said that it was very useful for someone wanting to develop their English skills and how it could help do this? To my mind, I thought it would be a library in this school, so it would not matter whether I used it or not. This is because I can study by myself in Auckland’s library instead. However, everything is clear now after I have used this room. There are plenty of matters such as computers, books, magazines, newspapers and DVD that you can use for your purposes. In these computers, you can log-in to access the school webpage which provides you with a lot of exercises. You can practice your grammar, listening, reading, or other skills related to English from this. More importantly, there are always teachers in this room and you can ask them all the time when you do not understand. It is better than studying by yourself outside without any support, isn’t it? All of these are reasons why I think the Learning Centre is useful and I believe some students can get many benefits from this room as well as I do.