The Languages International school has a special building in which you can find many multimedia items to improve your English after class.

First of all, you can find a huge number of computers which are useful for studying the Use of English Part of the Cambridge Exam. Furthermore, you are also allowed to use them for private purposes. To train the listening, there are several CD-Players and six TV’s provided on which the borrowed Audio books or DVD’s can be listened to or watched.

The Learning Centre gives us the opportunity to improve our Reading score by having a library with a wide range of material. The books are marked with different colours for each level.

Every day there are some teachers in the Learning Centre who are pleased to help us with any kind of problem. Also speaking, the last part of a Cambridge Exam, can be trained in discussion groups supported by a teacher. For sure, there is space in the Learning Centre for students to do their homework as well.

To sum up, the Learning Centre is a great place to work on your English skills.

By Selina and Nathalie