In the holidays, we went to Rotorua and Taupo. They were really nice places but the smell was not good.

When we arrived in Rotorua it was raining so we couldn’t do many activities. First, we tried the Gondola and luge. You can choose three levels when you luge: Beginner Intermediate and Advanced. We liked Advanced because it was more exciting than the others.

In the evening we went to the Polynesian Spa to rest. There are 8 hot springs there.

The third thing we did was the Huka Falls Jet. It is a jetboat that turns and goes very quickly. We think the speed was more than 100/Km per minute. That was so funny, so we won’t be able to ever forget about that.

We stayed at a backpackers every day and so we prepared our meal and some food by ourselves.

We all came from different nations and we were very close and helped each other. We were really happy and enjoyed our trip.

Text by Sehee and Ivy, students at Languages International
Photo of Rotorua luge by 喫遊趣