Best Quality of Living
Auckland is the best English-speaking city in the world to live in says Mercer.  Every year, Mercer ranks the world’s major cities from best Quality of Living to lowest Quality of Living. For the past 3 years, Auckland was ranked 4th equal with Vancouver.  However, in 2011 Vancouver has slipped back to 5th place, and Auckland is now ranked 3rd. (The top 2 cities are Vienna and Zurich, both German-speaking cities.)

Georgina Harley at Mercer had this to say about New Zealand:

“New Zealand cities consistently score highly on all liveability factors, providing expatriates with quality housing, excellent infrastructure, comprehensive health care, a wide selection of restaurants and other amenities, as well as a good education and environment for their families.”

“New Zealand remains an attractive destination for skilled workers who want a high quality of life coupled with economic and physical security. In contrast to Europe and the United States, New Zealand has a relatively strong economic outlook which increases its appeal as a safe haven from economic uncertainty.”

Quality of Living for English Language Travel Destinations

Auckland, New Zealand
5  Vancouver, Canada
11 Sydney, Australia
13 Wellington, New Zealand
14 Ottawa, Canada
15 Toronto, Canada
18 Melbourne, Australia
21 Perth, Australia
26 Canberra, Australia
26 Dublin, Ireland
29 Honolulu, HI United States
30 Adelaide, Australia
30 San Francisco, CA United States
33 Calgary, Canada
36 Boston, MA United States
37 Brisbane, Australia
38 London, United Kingdom
43 Chicago, IL United States
47 New York City, NY United States   
48 Seattle, WA United States


Safest Place to Study English
Mercer also ranked New Zealand’s major cities safer than the major cities of any other popular English language travel destination.*

Personal Safety Ranking for English Language Travel Destination

Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand
16 Dublin, Ireland
17 Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary, Canada
25 Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Australia
44 Glasgow and Aberdeen, United Kingdom
50 Adelaide and Brisbane, Australia

*Unless you include Singapore, which came in at number 8. (English is one of Singapore’s 4 official languages, and 80% of its population is literate in English as a 1st or 2nd language.)

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