Languages International student, Ha Woon Lee from Korea is really happy to have chosen New Zealand as a place to study English. In the video above, she explains why.

Video highlights:
Ha Woon’s first impression of Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city, that it’s a friendly city. Ha Woon says that when you go abroad you can feel lonely because you are a stranger, but in NZ she didn’t feel that. As soon as she arrived she felt like a “member of NZ”; she never felt feel like a stranger. She notes “NZ people are so kind that you feel really comfortable.”

Ha Woon is happy that during her 2-month stay at Languages International, she has improved her English a lot and met lots of friends from places like Switzerland, Germany and France. She likes NZ so much that she is planning to return in the summer.  She wants to do an internship so that she can spend longer here. Ha Woon is sorry that for now she only has 4-weeks left in NZ.  She’s planning her travels around NZ with her new European friends.

Ha Woon’s message for you is: “If you want to have a really good experience that you won’t forget for your life, then come to NZ.”  Watch the video and you’ll see Ha Woon’s enthusiasm for NZ.