Would you like to experience a new life in Auckland? Have you thought about studying English in New Zealand? If so, why don’t you come to Languages International? This school is located in the middle of Auckland city and quite big with over 200 students, so you can meet people who come from different countries.

There are several courses, such as General English and Business English, and I’m in the FCE class. Actually, it’s hard to keep up with my class, but my teachers give me a lot of beneficial advice individually, so I feel my English has improved. Also, my classmates and I have a good relationship, so we hang out most weekends.

Our school has an amazing learning centre where you can study whenever you want. There are not only computers but also plenty of books which you can borrow. What is more, when you have any question, supportive teachers are willing to answer you.

I totally recommend this school because all of the teachers and students are friendly and they encourage you to focus on studying. I’m sure if you come to this school, you will have an unforgettable time.

Setsuha, Japan