How would you feel if you studied abroad and were surrounded by friends from different countries? I promise it’d be amazing! I’m attending Languages International, which is one of the best language schools in Auckland, and taking an FCE course. My classmates are very hard-working, and we encourage each other.

One of the best things is the quality of education. The teachers are very supportive and friendly, also they always give useful advice. The classes are very well organized, so we do not only sit down and study grammar or vocabulary, but also play games to use and test our English skills.

Another good thing is the Learning Center, where students can use computers and workbooks freely. If you are keen on self-studying, there are teachers who stay there to check your writing or answer your questions anytime. Studying with friends here is a great opportunity to make your English better.

This school is really worth applying to because you can immerse yourself in a hard-working environment and learn English effectively. It would be a wonderful time of your life!

Saki Hayashi, Japan