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Good day,

My name is Vitezslav Ures, Vitek for short, and I come from the Czech Republic. It ws a stroke of luck that I signed up for the Languages International courses. I want to apply for the doctoral program at a local university and for that I need to successfully pass an English test. For that reason I visited two language institutes in search of study materials, but to no avail. The third school, Languages International, convinced me, with their friendliness and willingness to help, to sign up for the English courses and preparation for the exam and I am more than happy I did.

Vitek Novém Zélandu


I like many things about Languages International. The school is divided into three neoclassical buildings, surrounded by a sunny park on one side, so a person has a feeling of openness, unlike the crushing feeling of concrete in a huge university complex filled with students. Here the atmosphere is more that of a boutique school with a more individual approach. It is pleasant seeing the students are here to learn and improve their skills. They don’t see learning as a burden and a waste of time.

Angličtina na Novém Zélandu


The same can be said about the teachers. They take their jobs very seriously, but they are ever so helpful and friendly. They plan each lesson to be both educational and entertaining and make each student active.

Talking about the students another great positive thing is the richness in nationalities. It is no exception that you can find in a class a student from China, Tibet, another one from as far away as Germany, but also from Japan and Korea, so along with the learning of the English language one has a great opportunity to get to know other cultures firsthand, in a way you couldn’t learn from any document. It is also nice to see solidarity, willingness to help each other, an interest in knowing each other’s background and friendship.

učit se anglicky v Aucklandu


In addition to helpful teachers and staff, I have to mention a very rich and very well equipped study room, where you can improve your skills and knowledge with learning software on computers, browse through scientific magazines or books or borrow a movie or a popular novel, study books and more.

Although I consider myself highly skilled in the English language, the teachers at Languages International helped me to focus on the particular areas I am lacking more experience and improve my knowledge for the needs of an academic level.

For that I owe them big thanks.


učit se anglicky v Aucklandu