Languages International!

The first thing to come to my mind if someone asks me where to go to study English, is to do the Cambridge Certificate in Languages International located in Auckland. By doing this, you can improve your English skills and also a certificate can help you to find a job more easily. The quality of the teaching is awesome, the teachers are very professional, and if you have questions which you need some help with, you just have to ask them to get feedback and work on your weaknesses.

Tehei in New ZealandThe atmosphere of the school is really fantastic. There are a lot of other students who came from different countries, so you might be able to discover some new cultures and personalities. I think all people will enjoy the idea of an “International School” because even if you don’t like someone there are so many other people that you can make new friends with quite easily. Also, even if there are some people who speak the same language as you, you have to speak English to improve it.

Tehei learning English in Auckland

In the school, you have at your disposition a Learning Center where you can ask people to help you. You could ask a teacher or another student. Inside the Learning Center you can find a lot of computers (and the school has free WiFi.) The place is quite calm, so you can do your homework. If you want to read some books in English, it’s possible to borrow some books. So the Learning Center is one of the best places to study, to improve your English skills, to be more confident, or even to make some new friends.

To conclude, I really recommend you choose this school for the quality of the teaching combined with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You may be able to see your progress very quickly, which will make you more confident.

Author: Tehei Gauthier

Tehei was a student at Languages International in Auckland, New Zealand

Tehei learning English in New Zealand