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Expand your horizons with Languages International School in Auckland

You are thinking about studying English abroad, but you don’t know where? Then you have to go to the Languages International school in Auckland, where I am now. This school will enchant you from the first visit.  Here you will meet people from different cultures, find new friends and learn English in relaxing, fascinating surroundings. Furthermore, the school is well located in the centre of Auckland.

Languages International is well organised and the students have many choices of specific courses which have good timetables. We are being taught very interestingly and in a different style from usual by the teachers because they are very qualified and motivated. This inspired us to be a good class. Moreover, the school has great facilities such as the learning centre which contains computers, library and comfortable study rooms with helpful teachers. Although the learning centre is there for studying, you have a wide range of English activities like reading, listening or planning your next trips with your classmates.

Studying abroad helped me to expand my horizons and learn English. Personally, I felt really comfortable in the class and enjoyed the time in the school because I got to know so many new close friends. Each person will thrive on these new challenges and through the social program it is easy to make friends on fun trips or activities. What is more, young people will develop a stronger, more open and mature character.

I would highly recommend this language school to anyone who is interested in new languages, new cultures and new people. Auckland is a perfect place to study abroad with many travel adventures. This experience is one of the most memorable time’s in my life.

Author: Tina Schnyder

Tina has her own blog at She was a Cambridge student at Languages International in AucklandNew Zealand.