My classmate Luciano and I went on a 5-day trip to Tongariro. It took about 5 hours by car from Auckland to Tongariro, but it didn’t feel that long to us because we were enjoying ourselves. We were saying “Enjoy the moment!” to each other whenever something was difficult.

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This trip cannot be expressed in simple words.

We climbed two mountains (Mt.Tongariro and Ruapehu), slept in the car for 3 nights and saw a lot of wonderful views. It was hard to climb the mountains, but I cannot forget the scenery that I saw at the summit. And, my best memories are the sunset, the sunrise and the many stars that we saw from the mountain. I saw such wonderful scenery for the first time and we slept in the tent on the mountain at that day. Additionally, Luciano made pasta, which was excellent. We also went mountain biking, and it was a little bit scary at times, but I enjoyed it.

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Everything was perfect. Thanks to Luciano, I was able to have the best experience. If I hadn’t gone on a trip with him, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. Thank you for everything.


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