Our student Kyotaro Ishikawa from Japan writes about a trip he took with a group of friends from all around the world that he met at Languages International. Enter Kyotaro:

Do you know the Spanish expression “Bésame Mucho”?

I went to Cape Reinga from 10 to 12 November with my friends. It’s the northernmost tip of New Zealand, and we could see beautiful scenery there; endless ocean, white surf, blue sky, green hills and so on.

Sea in New Zealand
There is a sign to indicate the direction of some countries. You might be able to find a sign indicating the direction of your country!!! Perhaps, you will look for your country over the sea!!! However, I couldn’t see Japan over the sea…that’s right!!!

New Zealand signpost Languages International New Zealand

We came back to our accommodation and had a BBQ. The meal that we ate while talking with everyone was very, very good!!!

New Zealand BBQ Dinner in New Zealand with friends from English course

At night, we were moved because there was a sky full of stars and we stargazed.  I had never seen such a sky full of stars until then. I forgot about the cold and I was looking up at them for a long time. I will never forget the beautiful sky.

Stargazing in New Zealand

We spent fulfilling times during the trip.  We talked about each person’s personality, relationships, culture!   In particular, we had fun discussing the topic of “Bésame Mucho”. “Bésame Mucho” means “Kiss me a lot” in Spanish. We laughed a lot and we could learn about each person’s personality, other cultures, other languages, and so on.

Accommodation in New Zealand

We were able to get closer through this trip. We are even better friends now than before the trip.

I could spend a wonderful time with my friends and we’re planning our next trip!!!

Thank you for reading!

Kyotaro Ishikawa

I want a girlfriend who will say to me “Bésame Mucho”.

Thank you.

Breakfast in New Zealand New Zealand Road Trip