On 26 of September, I took a trip to Whangarei. My younger brother has a car, so we were very comfortable except him. We left at 10, and first we went to Pakiri Beach. It was great. We took many funny pictures like jumping there…and for lunch, we ate Korean noodles which we already bring in the City and rice.

After lunch we went to Whangarei. When we arrived there, first we booked in a motel, and we had a dinner and drunk beer and Soju. We had a really good time with talking, smiling, and took pictures…etc.

Next day, we had to wake up at 6…. Because my friend needed to go somewhere in the afternoon. We ate breakfast with toast and chips. While we were coming to the Auckland, we visited Goat Island. It is kind of beach but instead of lots of sand, there are many stones. Also the water was very clean, so I could see many fishes in the water. I thought it is wonderful place for diving. If I can have a chance to come Goat Island again, I will scuba dive in here. Finally it was great day and good experience. I will never forget this time.

Story contributed by Lee Suyun (Soo), a student at Languages International Auckland