Hiyo at Great Barrier IslandI went to Great Barrier Island last weekend. I really recommend going there for three reasons.

First of all, it takes four hours from Auckland by ferry.  If you choose to go by plane, it takes just 30 minutes to get there. While you are on the ferry, you can see many dolphins. They are very cute. You can see some another islands too.

The second reason is you can see amazing views. There are a lot of beaches with crystal clear water. Moreover, you can see a wonderful sunset if it is sunny.

Finally, you can enjoy nature and see many animals. If you feel tired, you should go to a hotspring in the forest. You can see many kinds of animals. For example, birds, sheep, and cows.

In short, I think Great Barrier Island is like paradise. This is my favorite place in New Zealand. If you come to NZ, you should go there!

Author: Hiyo

Hiyo is from Japan. She has been studying English at Languages International in Auckland for the last 4 weeks.

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