I arrived in New Zealand on Saturday afternoon. I was happy to come back. The people and the smell of rain, reminded me I’m in winter.

The day before I went to Tiritiri, I went to a market. I saw a lot of Maori people selling fruit and I could breathe in the aroma of dumplings. When I arrived home my room was very cold and the heater was broken, so I couldn’t sleep all night, and I was so tired, from the flight over.

When I woke up the next morning, I went to Tiritiri island. We had to take a ferry to go there. After 25 minutes on the ferry, we arrived at the island. The first impression was lovely. The tour guide told us Tiritiri was a natural protected area, and we couldn’t take anything with us.

At first we saw the beautiful views at the top of the mountain, the sea, and different types of animals, like the Takahe. This bird is very funny, and it always wants to eat your sandwich, so be careful!!! If you love nature, you should go because you can find a lot of different types of trees and beaches there. If you have the opportunity, go at night time because you might be able to see a kiwi.

Written by Fabi From Spain. Fabi is an Intermediate student at Languages International.

Photo credit: Scott Fowler