Last Sunday, about 20 Languages International Students , Simon (the Social Programme Coordinator) and about 30 other volunteers took the ferry to Motutapu Island, which is located in the Hauraki Gulf, to take part in a conservation project. The rainforest on the Island was completely burnt down by the early settlers because they had found out that the soil is very fertile and good for farming.

After a short planting lesson, we could grab either a spade or some little trees and dig holes or plant. After three hours of hard but satisfying work, a volunteer from the Motutapu Restoration Trust went on a walk with us and showed us what they have achieved in the last 15 years. It was amazing to walk through the parts of the island where the replanting has grown into full forest and to have the good feeling that the area we had been working on would look the same in 15 years!

Treeplanting on Motutapu Island was certainly a good experience for all the students, as we could combine some lasting work and an awesome trip!

Story contributed by Alex Geml. Alex is a Cambridge CPE student at Languages International.