Student: Innokenty

School: Languages International Auckland

Course: IELTS preparation

IELTS score: 7.0

I knew that the way of teaching here is different from the one in Russian schools and universities, but I was really surprised by how simple, fun and effective the study of English could be. And, of course, it is mainly possible due to the remarkable people who are working at Languages International. Such as friendly and polite girls at reception who are ready to give a clear and informative answer to any, even a very silly, question. Or our counsellors who try their best to make the period of adaptation in a new country as comfortable and pleasant as possible. And, of course, our teachers about whom I want to talk in detail.

Katie, my teacher of General English, always created very friendly and relaxing atmosphere. During her classes full of humor and drive, it was just impossible to sit in silence; each and every student was participating in a conversation very actively. After two weeks of her lessons I felt that I improved my conversation skills more than after two years of studying at the university.

My teacher of IELTS preparation class, Simon, is one of the main people thanks to whom I passed that IELTS exam with 7.0. I’ve never before met a teacher who only for two hours could give you so much useful and serious information in such easy and, sometimes, even joking manner.

The school creates every condition for us to learn the language by yourself outside the class as well. Learning Centre, the place for individual study, has a huge range of facilities from computers with free Internet to TV sets with DVD-players and tape recorders. There you can find not only all necessary exercises and information for students who want to sit IELTS, but also a lot of English books (from fiction literature by famous authors to textbooks in Geography and Microeconomics), useful computer programs, tapes or even movies. All of that have only one purpose – to help you learn English well. I also went to Learning Centre to work on my essay writing. There was always a teacher who could check your work, explain your mistakes and give some advice.

On the whole, the school has that special kind of atmosphere that forces you to learn with great enthusiasm and try to do your best. Maybe it is because all people around, including teachers, staff and students always try to help you and are sincerely happy for your every success. Here you can feel that nothing is impossible and you can achieve any aim you set up for yourself.

That’s all folks. No secrets!