Former Languages International student, Mari Souza has found that studying English at Languages International has helped her both in her everyday life and her career. “Studying abroad is a key to personal development, and NZ was the right choice for me.” she says.

I interviewed Mari to see how studying English in New Zealand helped bring her success back at home in Brazil.  We, here at Languages International, are very proud of Mari and her well-deserved success.  Mari’s teacher, Lara, remembers “She was a bubbly, friendly student who always participated actively in class and made interesting and relevant contributions – a very nice young lady!”

Enter Mari…

Can you tell me a little bit about your background and why you decided to take an English course abroad?

I have a degree in Marketing and a BA in Advertising. In the Communications field, English is a must. Besides the fact that large companies tend to be multinationals, many important studies in this area are done in English.

Why did you choose New Zealand and Languages International?

My love affair with NZ began with Rugby. I have always loved this sport, and the All Blacks, in my opinion, are the best team in the world.  But, my choice was not based only on the sport. I love being in touch with nature, and this factored heavily in my decision. Other factors were the similarities between the climates of NZ and Brazil and the friendliness of the Kiwi people. I chose the school based on its ease of access and its interesting premises; it’s in heritage buildings.

What were NZ and Languages International like?

NZ is unique. It’s extremely developed and very environmentally-conscious.  It’s just amazing. I felt at home with the friendliness of the people. The school was no different…excellent service, friendliness, and a real concern for the students – everything that a foreigner needs in a new place.

Who helped you organise your trip?

STB, one of the best operators in Sao Paulo. The service was great, and my advisor gave me several tips on NZ.

Has your English course at Languages International helped you in your professional life?

I am a different person after this trip. Despite being in NZ for a short time, it taught me to value my time, nature, and the little things in life. My English improved a lot, and I’m now much more confident about expressing myself in another language. Now I can attend conferences without fear and understand industry-related articles in English.  I’ve been reading lots of English-language articles about branding and social media.  These help me in everyday life. Thanks to these articles, my marketing strategies have had positive results.

What’s your advice for someone thinking about coming to NZ to study English?

My advice … Go without fear! Studying abroad is a key to personal development, and NZ was the right choice for me. If you want to relax, do extreme sports, and learn about another culture, NZ is the right place.

Mari Gusta Souza

Interviewee: Maria Augusta Souza from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Languages International alumna, Mari, has been working in Communications for 5 years. She is currently responsible for Marketing at BusTV and is a collaborator at the Centro de Empreendedorismo (The Entrepreneurship Centre), where she also focuses on Marketing.

A true Capricorn and die-hard Corinthians fan who enjoys playing sport in her spare time, Mari is passionate about the new and the unusual. Always in search of adventure, she and her backpack are inseparable. So far, together they have visited all sorts of places in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and, most recently, New Zealand.  

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