What a struggle learning English can be for so many people, especially for those who are not in their twenties anymore. But surprisingly, it can be wildly exciting in a well organized and efficient school in a gorgeous country.

First of all, the school has an awesome team of teachers and also administrative staff. Rarely have I been so fascinated by teachers. Languages International teachers are strongly committed to helping the students in order to improve their knowledge and level of English. They are attentive to our individual needs and try to develop incredibly creative classes directed to this end. In the Learning Centre, a studying room where we can do a lot of activities like watching a movie or video, studying a wide range of books, practicing some listening tasks and many others, there is always a teacher ready to help us. So, even if we think that we are not improving, because it’s a really difficult process, we are getting better week by week. Besides that, the administrative staff are extremely friendly and willing to attend to our demands as soon as possible. I believe that there is a kind of organizational culture behind this high quality professional performance and cozy environment.

Another thing I would like to highlight is the great location of the school. It is in Albert Park, one of the most colourful and beautiful parks in the city, even in the winter. The path to go to classes is definitely not an ordinary one. It’s almost a tour in which you can be surprised by a wonderful view every day and have some quiet contemplative moments if you want to. And also, reading a good book in Albert Park can be a pleasant way to improve your language skills.

Finally, we can have incredibly interesting trips around New Zealand. The country of adventures is always ready to offer you exciting experiences with extreme sports like bungee jumping, sky diving, rafting, climbing glaciers, skiing and may others. And if you are not so interested in these kinds of activities, don’t worry, I am convinced that the views of this country are stunning enough to easily catch your eye and print some images in your mind forever.

Come to New Zealand, study English at Languages International and have a cost-effective and unforgettable experience!

Photo of AndreaAuthor: Andrea Mendes

Andrea is from Brazil. She is an Advanced General English student at Languages International.