When I first came to New Zealand, I had many problems with my studies.  At first, I didn’t get used to living here.  Also, I didn’t know the language very well, so I came to ‘Languages International‘ school, and I have been studying English here for two months now.

Of course, in the beginning, I didn’t understand anything, so I was very worried. It made me so sad and stressed. After that, I made up my mind to study English well. For example, everyday, after class I have studied in the ‘Learning Center‘ to learn about writing and new vocabulary.  Also, I have been speaking English a lot at school with everyone and trying to use new words when I speak.  I have also been studying grammar in the evenings.  Plus, I have been practising my listening on weekends by watching movies and listening to music. Over the last two months, my English level has changed rapidly. Now, I can understand what people say to me and I can speak with ease. Also, I can write clearly about my ideas and know so much more grammar in English.

Although, I haven’t been studying English for very long, I’ve really been enjoying it and I’ve been very happy during this time. Because I have good teachers and nice classmates with me, so I love everyone here and I love this school.

Gia Ngoc Tran

Author: Gia Ngoc Tran (Jenny Chen)

Giangoc is a student at Languages International. Read more articles by Giangoc.