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Since I was born and raised in French Polynesia, an archipelago in the South Pacific, I came to New Zealand because of proximity (6 hours by plane instead of 22 to go to England).

I took the Cambridge CPE exam at Languages International not only to grab a certificate that would assert my English level, but also to challenge myself and live in another country for a short period.

The school proper is extremely well positioned in Auckland City, being right on the University of Auckland campus, in Albert Park, at a 5 minute’s walk from Queen Street, it is a prefect place to study. Thanks to the Learning Center inside the school you can also work outside of class hours with the books and computers at the ready.

Focusing more on the CPE class I took, I had great fun and learned lots. The teachers are marvelous and do their very best to engage with you to keep you motivated and focused throughout the entire course. I loved each and every class and was surprised by my progress having only had 3 months of language course.

Having gone to New Zealand to study, I did not take much time to enjoy the city life or surroundings, but I still can recommend the backpackers hotel the school booked for me, which is the City Lodge Backpacker. Thanks to the social nature of such an establishment, it permitted my meeting with several good fellows with whom I enjoyed my time in the city. I will also be recommending “Brew on Quay”, a superb bar on Quay Street serving the nicest of craft beers.

Lastly, I strongly recommend you come to Languages International. I loved my experience and made a ton of progress. The school staff will push you above and beyond what you think you’re able to do in English if you stay motivated and make the effort to speak in English only.

Author: Maxence Mognat

Anglais en Nouvelle Zelande, English in New Zealand