We received this message from Anastasia, one of our former students from Russia. After taking Languages International’s English for University course, she completed a Postgraduate Diploma at AUT, and now she has a great job here in New Zealand working as a Business Analyst. We are very proud of all Anastasia’s achievements. Read her story below…

Hi there,

Today is the day when 2 years ago I jumped onto a plane and made the most unpredictable, reckless and brave decision in my life ever since I was born. And today I can say that these two years were as one massive discovery of myself, the world around, the people that I surrounded by and the life itself. Probably it’s an exaggeration as someone may say, but this is how I feel. I’ve started my journey at Languages International school of English, where people were very supportive and they gave me a feeling as I am at home and not a stranger in a new country. My teachers and friends helped me find a new destination – a Business School. After completing my Postgraduate Diploma, I realized that one of my very secret dreams came true – I’ve completed the University in a foreign country and can now be proud of myself. This step led me to my new career! Now I am working at a global research company. I am a Business Analyst.

I’d like to say thank you very much New Zealand for having me here! For giving me a chance to realize myself from a different side, to understand many things that never came into my mind before. It wasn’t a straightforward way of getting there where I am at the moment, but thank you again, my little country, for giving this chance!

Best of luck to those who are thinking of changing their life a little bit or of making a fundamental decision! It’s worth it! You will never-ever-ever forget this time!