Welcome to Auckland, the city of sails! It provides a lot of the advantages of a cosmopolitan city. You’ll have good options when you come here.

The Sky Tower is the main building in the city. It’s bigger than the Eiffel Tower. You can find many restaurants, buy presents at the souvenir shops and play at the casino. The view from the top of the tower is spectacular. It’s a 360 degree view, so you can see anything that you want to see in the city. If you like a more exciting activity, bungee jumping is your best choice. It’s a special and popular activity in New Zealand. You have to stand at the top of the tower, then jump! Just a couple of minutes, you will have different feelings, just like whole new life of you.

Although Auckland is the biggest city, it is a place where everybody can go to see beautiful beaches and hiking courses within 30 minutes of their house. That means you can be satisfied with rich nature away from the bustle of the big city with ease.

Auckland is called “The City of Sails” because you can see a lot of yachts. Most New Zealanders like a lot of activities such as surfing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving in their spare time, and you can also enjoy taking a yacht, like them. It’s especially wonderful and exciting that you can go to observe the marine life nearby such as dolphins and whales. I recommend that you go there with Dolphin Explorer.

So do not hesitate to think about it! Just join in and love it!

Text by students in Martina’s lower intermediate class at Languages International
Photo of Auckland’s Sky Tower by kennymatic