Do you remember the first time leaving home far away to explore the new world? When was the last time you trying to do something new ? How did you feel at that moment ? Once in a while we all need new impact and inspiration to create more energy for what we’ll go on to do . I myself am in a kind of quarter-life crisis , so I decided to make my life simple and try to find out the next step and start a little adventure with my partner Leo.

Talking about leaving home for such a long time , how to pack became a very serious issue , and I found that could be a total disaster . I took everything out of my closet and tried to squeeze all my clothes into my tiny suitcase and it had to below 20 kgs . I almost repacked 10 times until the last moment before I got on the airplane . (Thanks to God)

As a new student here , I arrived exactly two weeks ago and settled down finally . Here came the biggest problem –how do we eat well and cheaply at the same time three meals a day ? We decided to cook by ourselves ! The first time we got to the shared kitchen , there was “an expert in spaghetti” and “an expert in Indian food” who were already cooking and the smell made our stomachs rumble .

After appreciating “the experts’ work” , it was our time to
show what we could do . Our first meal was the most safe choice-fried rice with onions and pork . The result was a plate of over-cooked rice and half-raw pork which we were not satisfied with , but we were too hungry to care about the taste .

But the situation gets better and better , after we learned how to control the fire and timing . We tried salmon fried rice , tomato egg fried rice and beef soup which were all very delicious . Cooking and looking for new dishes became one of my biggest interests in NZ .

Maybe you are still having some doubts about starting a new adventure , you should just try not to worry too much . A new adventure doesn’t mean you have to go somewhere far away or spend a lot of money . You just need to set up a goal which you have never done before , and than I can guarantee you will definitely find out your new capability . Good luck !

Text by TiffanyChen a student at Languages International
Photo by nhanusek